C. S. Wyatt

Autism and Education

From a Unique Perspective

Christopher Scott Wyatt has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He also has a doctorate, specializing in literacy education and technology. If your school, non-profit, or other organization would like a unique perspective on autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), consider inviting Dr. Wyatt to share his insights.

Interviews or Appearances

If you’d like to interview Scott, he attempts to accept all media interviews. He answers all email personally, if you wish to contact him.

Personal appearance opportunities include:
  • Motivational Appearances
  • Informational Seminars
  • Educational Training
  • Open-Forum Discussions

Living in rural Western Pennsylvania with his wife, Susan, Scott is available to speak in person throughout the greater Pittsburgh and Youngstown, Ohio, region. Scott is also available for appearances nationally as his schedule permits.

Presentation Topics

Scott prepares custom presentations based on your organization’s needs. Drawing from his personal experiences and scholarly research, Scott has presented on the following topics:
  • College and university success for students with ASDs;
  • Technology and education for students with special needs;
  • Career planning and the workplace for individuals with ASDs;
  • Self-advocacy skills for success in school and life;
  • Relationships and daily living with disabilities; and
  • Personal reflections on education and life with disabilities.


“You are a wonderful presenter, and a powerful speaker.”

“Interesting and entertaining, Scott is an excellent speaker who has education and experience.”

“New perspective for me, hearing from a person living with a disability. Scott is truly amazing.”

Contacting Dr. Wyatt

If you have any questions for Scott or would like to schedule an appearance, he may be contacted at:

Scott’s complete portfolio is online at: