C. S. Wyatt

Autism and Education

Invite Dr. Wyatt to Speak

When speaking or writing about autism, Christopher Scott Wyatt’s primary qualification is that he is an individual diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He also has some minor physical challenges, giving him unique insights into the experiences of students with special needs.

Dr. Wyatt completed his doctoral studies in 2010 at the University of Minnesota. His specialty is literacy education and technology, as reflected by his dissertation project Online Pedagogy: Designing Writing Courses for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. While a doctoral student, Scott conducted two grant-funded research projects on autism and technology.

Presentation Topics

Because each audience is unique, Scott prepares custom presentations based on your organization’s needs. Drawing from his personal experiences and scholarly research, he has presented on the following topics:
  • College and university success for students with ASDs;
  • Technology and education for students with special needs;
  • Career planning and the workplace for individuals with ASDs;
  • Self-advocacy skills for success in school and life;
  • Relationships and daily living with disabilities; and
  • Personal reflections on education and life with disabilities.

Engaging, Informative… Affordable

Autism and special needs education can be difficult topics to discuss. With a touch of humor and personal anecdotes, Scott’s appearances have received outstanding reviews from attendees. Here are some comments from past events:
  • When my husband and I ... saw you speak in the fall ... we started using some of your recommendations.... In several classes [our child] has been very successful in not needing any adaptations or modifications. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate teachers, para's, parents, etc.
  • Listening to this gave me hope for my son with autism.
  • WOW, best session of the day!
  • Very impressive, good, but wasn't long enough!
  • New perspective for me, hearing from a person living with a disability. Scott is truly amazing.
  • I learned a lot, wish we had more time.
  • Loved the honesty and happy for his accomplishments.
  • So many things he has accomplished, it gives me great hope for some people.
  • Thank you, please have Scott back.

Speaking Fees

With the desire to reach as many people as possible, Scott strives to keep speaking fees reasonable. His standard appearance rates are as follows, though these are flexible based on the nature and location of an appearance:
  • $175 per hour for a general presentation.
  • $500 for a keynote or plenary format “featured” presentation, up to 90 minutes.
  • $500 for a half-day workshop (four hours).
  • $800 for a full-day workshop (seven hours).
  • Actual costs incurred for travel, documented on request.
  • Actual lodging costs, if necessary, either at the site of the presentation or at a nearby “mid-range” hotel.

Most organizations choose to copy and distribute any materials prepared by Dr. Wyatt for a presentation. If you would prefer that Scott bring materials, there is a minimal materials fee for printing and copying. He is more than happy to email electronic copies of all materials to attendees. If your group plans to record Scott and/or redistribute materials beyond what is customary for a specific conference, an extra fee can be negotiated.

Because he lives in Western Pennsylvania, Scott does not charge for travel within the greater Pittsburgh-Youngstown region.

Contacting Dr. Wyatt

If you have any questions for Scott or would like to schedule an appearance, he may be contacted at:

Scott’s complete portfolio is online at:

Note: In addition, Dr. Wyatt is available to speak on general writing topics. Please see his freelance writing website, the Tameri Guide for Writers for an overview of his creative writing presentations.