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Name: Christopher Scott Wyatt
Born: Late 1960s
Status: Married to The Susan
Sibling: Younger Sister, a.k.a. The Kidd
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Hometown: Visalia, Calif.
Other Cities: Chippewa Township, Penn.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Bloomington, Minn.
Costa Mesa, Calif.
Los Angeles, Calif.
Ivanhoe, Calif.
Bakersfield, Calif.
Doctorate: University of Minnesota
Master of Arts: Calif. State University, Fresno
Bachelor of Arts: University of Southern California
K–12: Golden West High School
Valley Oak Junior High
Ivanhoe Elementary
Elbow Elementary


Christopher Scott Wyatt (1968–) was born and raised in California's San Joaquin Valley, not far from Sequoia National Park. You might describe his roots as humble, especially the early years living in what are now the “Smoking Palm Tree Mobile Estates.” Mobile home parks should never be called “estates” — an oddly common practice.

By second grade, Wyatt knew he wanted to be a writer. A few years later, he was writing plays and staging puppet productions. He even made costumes for lead actor Enzio and other cast members. As an adolescent, Wyatt admired the works of Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams, though he was limited to reading them and watching film adaptations of great plays. Plays were meant to be seen on the stage.

Always a news junkie, Wyatt joined the school newspaper in high school. He was awarded a scholarship by the University of Southern California, where he earned undergraduate degrees in English education and print journalism.

After returning to his native Central Valley, Wyatt followed a meandering path through teaching, small business ownership, corporate life, and back to education. It was a long and winding road, with lots of potholes and detours. Rough roads might build character, but they also damage suspension systems.

In 2004, Wyatt returned to school for the fifth time since completing his undergraduate studies. This time, Wyatt completed a master of arts, with distinction, in English Composition Theory and Rhetoric at California State University, Fresno.

Having endured Valley summer days above 110F, Wyatt and his wife traded hot summers for harsh winters while they each completed graduate degrees at the University of Minnesota. Wyatt earned a doctorate in Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication, specializing in instructional technology and students with cognitive challenges. After concluding -20F is worse than extreme heat, Wyatt and his wife relocated to Western Pennsylvania.

Wyatt owes his success to his parents, his extended family, a handful of good mentors, and his wife. Most of all, his wife.

The above biography was written to emphasize my language arts credentials. As a result, the statement ignores my technical interests and downplays my autism research. A more complete profile is also posted on this website.

Just the Facts

Substantial biographical and personal information appears within my website, so I saw little reason to gather the information into a single document. This page is a quick overview.

I am not that interesting. I merely write a lot about the random thoughts I have. Unfortunately, I never seem to stop thinking.