Employment Background

Christopher Scott Wyatt

Work Experience

technical and retail employment history

Specialized and Technical Skills


  • Technical management experience in the computer industry since 1986
    • Project leader/coordinator since 1988
  • Retail and value-added reseller management experience, 1992 – 1994, 2000 – 2002

Web Development

  • Award-winning website designer
  • Content Management System (CMS) platforms
    • Drupal 5.x – 7.x, MediaWiki, WordPress 3.x
  • Learning Management System (LMS) / VLE platforms
    • Blackboard / WebCT, Moodle
    • Computer-based training (CBT) design
    • Learning Module design via Sharable Content (SCORM ADL)
  • Usability and accessibility
    • Rehab Act Section 504/508 and ADA Title III compliance
    • WAI / WebAIM testing
  • Podcast and screencast host via iTunesU, RSS feeds, and direct distribution
    • GarageBand, iMove, ScreenFlow, and Audacity
  • Certified HTML 3.2 / 4.0 designer, including major extensions and JavaScript
    • Software: Dreamweaver, StyleMaster, GoLive, and various XML editors
  • Member of BITNET, ARPAnet, and Internet interface design teams since 1987
    • Development work predates graphical browsers and the World Wide Web

Computers & Programming

  • Database administrator
    • Database servers: MySQL 3.x–5, PostgreSQL 7–8, Interbase
    • End-user databases: Microsoft Access (all versions), FileMaker Pro 7–10, FoxPro, SuperBase, Paradox, and various others
  • Programmer with experience and exposure to numerous languages
    • Pascal dialects: Borland Delphi, FreePascal, GNU Pascal, TurboPascal, QuickPascal
    • C family: C, C#, limited Objective-C
    • BASIC dialects: REALbasic, Microsoft VisualBasic, QuickBASIC, PowerBASIC, FutureBASIC
    • Scripting languages: Rexx, AppleScript, JavaScript, limited PHP, limited Ruby
    • Early experiences: 6502 ASM, x86 MASM, various proprietary tools
  • Documentation designer with experience in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite
    • Page layout: InDesign, PageMaker, QuarkXpress
    • Illustration: Illustrator, PhotoShop, Corel Draw
    • Digital publishing: ePub, XML, Wikitext
  • Instructor: MS Office, DOS, Windows, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Corel Draw, and other applications

Work Experience

Tameri Publications; Visalia, California (Partner)

Writer, Editor, and Consultant; May 11, 1994 – 2003; 2009 – present
(Note: The partners were both completing graduate degrees during the “inactive” years and some small contracts were accepted.)

  • Supervise fiction and non-fiction editing and consulting service for writers, editors, and others
  • Conduct seminars on writing and editing for educators, writers, and client organizations
  • Prepare pre-press layouts including newsletters, brochures, flyers, catalogs and other publications for clients
  • Design and write content for multimedia presentations, online help systems, and World Wide websites using various development tools
  • Advise in-house publishing departments using both Windows and Macintosh platforms

Magic Dragon Books & More; Visalia, California (Partner)

General Manager, Retail Store; May 1, 2000 – Dec. 12, 2002

  • Served as primary buyer of children’s / young adult literature
  • Oversaw store redesign and merchandising plans
  • Developed Web presence (magicdragonbooks.com / visaliabooks.com) [domains expired]
  • Designed advertising and promotional materials
  • Presented as guest speaker at various colleges and universities on issues of children’s literacy

Provident Mortgage Corporation; Visalia, California

Vice President, Information Systems and Operations; Jan. 1, 1999 – Apr. 5, 1999

  • Supervised all information and technology infrastructure throughout the corporation
  • Established budgets, present proposals, and set goals technology implementations
  • Managed LANs, WANs, and other company data networks

Old Republic Title Company; Visalia, California

Training Coordinator, Real Estate Learning Center; Jun. 3, 1997 – Feb. 15, 1998

  • Supervised Realtor® training curriculum development and implementation
  • Wrote and edited training documentation, brochures, and other materials
  • Conducted classroom instruction of Old Republic staff and client Realtors®
  • Designed and maintained Old Republic, Visalia, website

EveryBit Computers & Software; Visalia, California (Partner)

General Manager, Retail Store; Jan. 15, 1992 – Dec. 31, 1994

  • Designed and administered the EveryBit BBS, an Internet provider (everybit.com) [domain sold]
  • Developed EveryBit Point-of-Sale software, DOS and Windows versions
  • Designed and implemented all advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Prepared quarterly newsletter and monthly supplements with software and hardware advice
  • Taught classes covering DOS, Windows 3.x, MS Word, MS Excel, and Lotus 1-2-3

Student Oriented Software; Visalia, California (Partner)

Consultant, Product Development; Jan. 1, 1986 – Dec. 31, 1992

  • Served as Lead Programmer / Project Coordinator on all software development projects
  • Developed educational software for use on IBM Personal Computers and early personal computers found in schools (Atari, Commodore)
  • Used desktop publishing to produce manuals, advertisements, and other documents
  • Trained clients on Lotus 1-2-3 (DOS and Windows), Microsoft Excel (PC and Macintosh), WordPerfect (all versions), Microsoft Word (all versions and platforms), and other software applications

Visalia Times-Delta/USA Today; Visalia, California

Tandem/DEC Systems Operator; May 21, 1990 – Aug. 24, 1990

  • Operated Tandem Non-Stop minicomputer running System Integrators, Inc., System/55
  • Performed nightly back-ups and ran “nightly close” business reports on Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11 series computers running RSTS OS

USC University Computing Services; Los Angeles, California

Junior Systems Programmer; Aug. 17, 1987 – Apr. 10, 1990

  • Programmed user interfaces for IBM mainframe-based Internet mail services marketed as USCMail and USCMenu
  • Programmed IBM 3081 and 3090 mainframes; System /370 and /390 specialist and consultant on MVS/TSO and VM/CMS
  • Wrote and edited IBM VM/CMS manuals for UCS software including compilers, statistical analysis tools, and basic operating system procedures
  • Conducted Internet training seminars for clients and employees of UCS on using Usenet newsgroups, WAIS, and other tools for research purposes
  • Utilized Sun workstations, IBM mainframes, and other systems while developing cross-platform software and network interconnectivity in a heterogeneous environment

K-Mart; Visalia, California

Retail Clerk; Apr. 1987 – Aug. 1988

  • Retail checkout clerk, general store shelf stocking duties
  • Occasional “Garden Shop” attendant, loading items for customers


KZZF 107.5 FM, Ligget Broadcasting, Fresno, California

Intern, Control Board Operator; Jun. 5, 1990 – Aug. 31, 1990

  • Wrote and performed as talent for various advertising contracts
  • Worked 24 hours per week as board operator with limited on-air duties

K-FYI/K-JUG, Westcoast Broadcasting, Tulare, California

News Intern, Control Board Operator; May 5, 1988 – Aug. 19, 1988

  • Worked as reporter, supporting ABC regional feeds during 1988 presidential campaign
  • Produced and directed California primary election night coverage
  • Wrote morning newscasts and contacted area government press offices

Writing and Technology

My private industry work experiences have been balanced between my passion for words and my technical curiosity.