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Christopher Scott Wyatt

Published and Performed Works

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Academic Publications

Wyatt, C. Scott. "On Type and Typographic Anatomy." Type Matters: The Rhetoricity of Letterforms. Ed. Danielle Nicole DeVoss and C. Scott Wyatt. Parlor Press, 2017. []

Wyatt, C. Scott. “Accessible Writing Spaces: Designing Virtual Spaces that Accommodate Difference.” Making Space: Writing Instruction, Infrastructure, and Multiliteracies. Ed. James Purdy and Danielle Nicole DeVoss. Online: Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library, 2017. Online. 978-0-472-90057-2 [ (Chapter 4)]

Dramatic Works

My interest in writing for stage dates back to elementary school. More information on my efforts as a playwright appears in my online portfolio.

Productions and Staged Readings

  • The Gospel Singer. World Premier 2014.
    Presented by The LAB Project of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    • Performances Aug. 14–31, 2014
    • Directed by Monteze Freeland
    • Mils “MJ” James as Isaac / Ruthie
    • Michael Young as Donnie
    • Also appearing: M. Kay Reagle (Erica); Charles Timbers, Jr. (Rev. Walker); Ken Lutz (Pastor James); and featuring John Gresh (Hank)
    The Gospel Singer was developed with support from the In the Raw Festival at Bricolage Production Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    • Public Readings May 19–20, 2013
    • Directed by Jeffrey Carpenter
    • Dramaturg Annie DiMario
    • Varian Huddleston as Isaac / Ruthie
    • Sean Sears as Donnie
    • Also appearing: Sally Randa, Leslie Howard, John Gresh, Mark Conway Thompson, Jimmy Fitzgerald, and Deryck Tines on piano
  • A New Death. World Premier 2014.
    Presented by Throughline Theatre Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    • Performances Jul. 18–26, 2014
    • Directed by Kaitlin Kerr
    • Assistant Director, Sarah McPartland
    • Andy Coleman as Regional Death 143
    • Eric Leslie as Harlan Howe
    • Also appearing: Chelsea Faber (Gabriel), Hazel Carr Leroy (Mother, Nun, Lizzie), Tonya Lynn (Receptionist, Nun, Victim), Sarah McPartland (Homeless, Thug, Kid), Jared King Rombold (Azrael, Thug), and John Henry Steelman (Tailor, Dark Messenger, John)
  • Women Say Fuck, Too! World Premier 2014.
    Presented by The LAB Project of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    • Performances May 9–11, 2014
    • Directed by M. Reagle
    • Cassidy Adkins as Kitty
    • Jackie Baker as Stephanie
    • Linda Kanyarusoke as Dani
    • Developed with Cindy “C.J.” Jackson, Hazel Leroy, and Mysti Wyatt
    • Set design and concepts by P. Milo
  • Under Development. Public reading 2013.
    Organic Theater Pittsburgh presented the first staged reading during the annual Greenhouse Project.
    • Public Reading Aug. 13, 2013
    • Jaime Slavinsky, Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Organic Theater
    • Michael Young, Environmental Director of Organic Theater
    • Lyle Seaman as Developer
    • Rebecca Seaman as Young Sam
    • Alexis Cash as College-Age Sam
    • John Gresh as Grandpa Max
    • Cindy Jackson reading narration
  • The Garden. World Premier 2002.
    Originally presented by The Visalia Community Players at the Ice House Theatre:
    • Performances Sept. 27–29, 2002
    • Directed by Sherald Sluka
    • Clint Showalter as the Gardener
    • Debbie Walker as the Widow
    • Also appearing: Summer Robinson, Chris Lewis, Tom Nance, Molly Lovelady, James McCoy, and Melissa Romero
  • The Cat Lady. Public reading 2014.
  • Here Forever. Completed 2001. Public reading 2003.
  • Alone from Myself. Draft 2001. Revised 2002. Public reading 2001.


  • Betting on Love… or Something. Completed 2014.
  • The Mommy Cam. Completed 2014.
  • Super Shrink. Completed 2014.
  • Friends, Soulmates, and Husbands. Completed 2014.
  • Twists of Choice. Completed 2014.
  • Billie’s Girlfriend. Completed 2014.
  • Assisting the Artist. Draft 2014.
  • The Magic Dragon. Draft 2014.
  • I am The Queen. Draft 2002. Revised 2014.
  • The Fertility Dance. Completed 2013.
  • Clown and Mime. Completed 2004. Revised 2013.
  • My Best Friend. Completed 1997.
  • When Things are Good. Draft 2000.
  • Wrapped Up. Draft 2000.
  • Life's a Beach. Draft 2000.
  • Roommates. Completed 1999.

Performance Works

  • “Finding Weeds in the Orange Trees: A Campout with Sheriff’s Deputies.” Storytelling Night with Lawrence Connolly. Riley’s Pour House, Carnegie, Pennsylvania. 29 July 2014.
  • “My Disastrous Playwriting Premier: Fifth Grade Puppets and Props.” Storytelling Night with Lawrence Connolly. Riley’s Pour House, Carnegie, Pennsylvania. 24 June 2014.

Non-Fiction Publications

Wyatt, C. Scott. A Spectrum of Relationships: Autistic Individuals and Social Connections. Ed. Susan Schnelbach. Visalia: Tameri Publications, 2010. (2018 revision pending)

Online Reference Works

Tameri Guide for Writers (

A collection of essays, handouts, and reference guides dedicated to helping writers with issues of style, grammar, and more. Sections are dedicated to specific genres as well as archived lessons on writing.

Richard Nordquist, Ph.D., author of Writing Exercises (Macmillan) and Passages: A Writer’s Guide (St. Martin's Press), has recognized the Tameri Guide as one of the top ten writing guides on the Internet.

The Existential Primer (

An introduction to Continental philosophy, with an emphasis on existentialism and its influence on works of fiction and non-fiction. Biographies and commentaries on the works of major figures are included.

Recognitions for The Existential Primer: The following is a partial list of recognitions The Existential Primer has received from universities, libraries, and educational publishers.

  • University links:
    • Intute (, JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee, U.K. Universities) includes University of Oxford (2006)
    • University of Michigan, Internet Public Library
    • Birkbeck, University of London
    • Duquesne University
  • Media mentions:
    • USA Today Hot Site (2001)
    • Philosopher’s Magazine (U.K.) (2002)
  • Citations and links:
    • Thomson Scientific Current Web Contents™ (2006)
    • New York Public Library “Best of the Web” ( (2005)
    • Encyclopædia Britannica (
    • McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center

Newspapers and Magazines

I started writing for local newspapers while in high school. For example clips and more information about my non-fiction writing, visit my writing portfolio or the Tameri Guide for Writers.

Freelance Contributor

  • Visalia Direct; June 2006 – present
  • Various publications as pseudonymous contributor; 1988 – present
    • Short stories and general fiction
  • Visalia Times-Delta; Various 1986 – 1992
  • Fresno Bee; 1987
  • Visalia Today; 1986


Selections from these collections have been read and performed in various public forums. The collections are unpublished in book form, though chapbooks have been sold in limited quantities. Additional information can be found in my online portfolio.
(Dates are in international format and works appear in chronological order.)

  • An Inkling of the Pages Between the Covers. 1982 (and before) – 5 Jul 1985 (167 poems)
  • The Requiem: Let Us Lie Together. 21 Jul 1985 – 30 Nov 1986 (207/374)
  • Simply More Words. 1 Dec 1986 – 4 Nov 1987 (237/611)
  • Reality Found in a Dream. 11 Nov 1987 – 31 Aug 1988 (232/843)
  • An Inkling of Loneliness. 1 Sep 1988 – 12 Aug 1989 (201/1044)
  • A Title. 18 Aug 1989 – 20 Jul 1991 (218/1262)
  • Stealing Someone’s Seconds. 30 Jul 1991 – Sep 1998 (180/1442)
  • Sea of Tranquility. 30 Sep 1998… in progress (87/1529)

Passionate about Words

As the Tameri Guide for Writers demonstrates, I am passionate about the technical aspects of writing, from grammar to theories of story structure.