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An Inkling of Bits and Bytes

appreciating the appeal of the digital

Writing, teaching, and technology. While I do not always write or teach with technology, the influence of all things digital on me is difficult to overstate. The following pages explore my interest in technology:

  1. Background: How technology became a part of my life.
  2. Certifications: My technical certifications.
  3. Projects: Technology projects to which I have contributed.

Programming as Writing

They are called “languages” for a reason, and we discuss “writing code” as developers, but a few of my colleagues in the language arts struggle to appreciate my position that depending on the context programming is similar to creative writing, academic writing, or business writing.

Programming has drafts, revisions, and a final published work. Software can tell an interactive story, teach lessons, or communicate business data. If we taught programming to more students, I am confident that they would come to see programming as another form of composition.

Writing with Technology

The nature of media always affect how we communicate. There are both technical and social aspects to consider with any medium, which writers and artists cannot ignore. The history of writing is a history of technology.

The Tameri Guide for Writers includes a section on desktop publishing. While this section is a work in progress, it does address how technology has affected written communication. My first large programming project, back in the days of monochrome green screens, was a text editor with some basic word processing features. I have been fascinated by how computing shapes words ever since.

Today, we take scalable fonts and color printing for granted. The Web has also changed how we think about the written word. Living through this revolutionary period is exciting — and sometimes frustrating for a writer.

The Technophile Impulse

I admit that I enjoy experimenting with new technologies. When I read about a computer language, operating system, or a shiny new piece of hardware, I want to learn how it works. Thankfully, I am getting better at accepting that I lack the time (and resources) to explore constantly.