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My essays reflect my sense of humor, dry as it is, and sometimes my serious views of life. Until 2012, I rejected the notion of posting essay-style creative non-fiction to a blog, because I always felt an essay has to be crafted, while a blog is more incident-driven. Blogs were for somewhat immediate thoughts, while I tended to view an essay as something else.

My journals remain handwritten on paper. For some information on my journals, see my poetry pages. For a peek at my world-view, such as it is, read the condensed guide to my philosophy.

The works here most likely contain many errors. Please let me know where errors exist so I can make corrections. Editing is a never-ending process.

Essayists of Old

There was a time when essayists were featured in newspapers and magazines. These men and women were not columnists; they did not give advice or offer comments on the news. These were observers of everyday life.

Most essayists were masters of other forms, from novels to poetry — with a few journalists hiding within the crowd. A few were even scientists of note.

Some essayists I suggest:

A few essayists still exist, though they are an endangered species.