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Appeal of the Silver Screen

to see a story on the big screen

I love film, especially classic cinema, but until 2010 I had only considered writing a screenplay once before — while in high school. Yes, I wrote a “screenplay” in high school that was never filmed, though some friends had even formed a cast and crew. It is probably for the best we weren’t dedicated to the project at that time.

After finishing my doctoral thesis, I realized how much I did want to write for screen. There probably hasn’t been a more difficult time to pursue spec scripts in Hollywood, with independent film struggling and large media companies focused on proven franchises. Still, I have a desire to write and see what I can do with the genre.

Whose Movie is It?

No one person ever sees his words on the screen — movies are collaboration on steroids (or hallucinogens). The writer might be well-paid, the film bear the same name as his novel, story, or play, but what audiences finally see in the darkened theatre is seldom the writer’s work.

Registered Scripts

I will post a list of screenplays at some point. There really is not a reason to discuss scripts, people rarely steal story ideas. In fact, discussing scripts helps most writers improve their works. But, I also want to make a bit more professional progress before I try to claim I am a screenwriter.

As of October 2010, I had registered four screenplays and had two additional scripts nearing completion.

Script Frenzy

My first participation in Script Frenzy was a success, as it were. I completed a feature-length adaptation of my stage play The Gospel Singer in 19 days during April 2010. Within the first few hours, I realized I had to start from scratch for a film. Some plays do adapt well, but starting over made sense in this case.

Script FrenzyScript Frenzy

Feature Future

I have been writing original feature-length scripts. I like the two-hour format more than most television, a medium that allows programs to run too many years.