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There are so many online resources for writers that locating the best of them can be challenging. With the help of colleagues and our readers, we attempt to maintain a list of great online resources for writers, editors, and others in the publishing industry.

This list of resources is organized as follows:

Writing Resources

General Reference Sites

It is important to keep your facts straight when writing. In the “old days” we had stacks of books on our desks and nearby shelves. We still have stacks of books… it is a hard habit to break.




  • The Encyclopedia Britannica: The Encyclopedia Britannica offers some free access to articles. More detailed information is available by subscription. Encyclopedia Britannica also owns the Merrian-Webster dictionary site.


Classic Books:

Other Reference Sites:

Tools for Writers

The following commercial software vendors provide the most popular tools used by writers, editors, and the publishing industry. The two “big names” in software are Adobe and Microsoft, but they are not the only choices writers have when considering software.

Word Processors and Specialized Editors:

Desktop Publishing and Graphics:

  • Adobe: The Creative Suite dominates online and multimedia content creation.
  • Corel: Within the legal profession, WordPerfect remains popular. Also, CorelDRAW is popular in small print shops, sign making, and other fields because it can drive plotters and embroidery machines.
  • Quark: Once a leader in the publishing industry, Quark now specializes in single source authoring and content creation for the iPad and other tablet platforms.

Digital Publishing Tools:

  • Author-It: A single source specialist. 
  • Just Systems XMetaL: XML content authoring tool.

  • MadCap Software: The leading vendor of single source authoring and publishing tools.

  • SyncRO Soft: Developer of the <oXygen/> editor, which supports HTML, XML, and several other document standards.

Miscellaneous Tools:

Open Source Software (Free)

There are some open source applications used by technical communicators primarily in research and academic settings. 

Word Processors and Specialized Editors:

Desktop Publishing and Graphics:

  • GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program. Similar to Photoshop.
  • Scribus: Desktop publishing application. Similar to InDesign, Illustrator, or even CorelDRAW.  

Digital Publishing Tools (Web and eBook tooks):

  • Amaya: HTML editor, the standard tool of the World Wide Web Consortium. Similar to DreamWeaver.
  • Sigil: ePub creation tool that supports current standards and most eReaders. ePub is a specialized XML format.

Miscellaneous Tools:

  • LaTeX (TeX): Specialized markup language, used within the sciences. Nothing is similar to or equal to what LaTeX can do with math-intensive papers.

Websites for Writers

Many of the popular websites for writers began as supplements to print magazines and journals. We expect some of these to be exclusively digital in the near future.

Poets & Writers:

Writer’s Digest:

Writers Digest University:

Professional Organizations

These organizations include writers within their ranks. Never pass up an opportunity to network and learn more about your profession. Journalists, PR copywriters, and writers of all manner should look into joining these organizations.

General Interest

National Writers Union (Freelancers):

Fiction Writers

Romance Writers of America:

Mystery Writers of America, Inc.:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.:

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators:

Playwrights (Dramatists)

The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.: If you are serious about writing for the stage, especially the New York City theatical scene (forgiving the pun), you must contact the organization for dramatists, often simply known as “The Guild” by playwrights.

Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights:

Film, Television, and Other Media

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists:
LA Chapter:

American Film Marketing Association:

American Women in Radio and Television, Southern California Chapter:

Entertainment Publicists Professional Society — Los Angeles Chapter:

Film Industry Network:

Hollywood Radio and Television Society:

Women in Animation:

Women in Film:


Asian American Journalists—Los Angeles Chapter:

Journalism and Women’s Symposium:

Radio & Television News Association of Southern California:

Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing

Ad Club of Los Angeles:

Ad Club of Orange County:

AD2LA: A Division of the Advertising Club of Los Angeles, AD2 Los Angeles is a group of advertising and marketing professionals under the age of 31 who are members of the Advertising Club of Los Angeles. For more information on AD2LA events and membership, please see the Ad Club online at

American Marketing Association:
Southern California Chapter:
Orange County Chapter:

Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies:

Entertainment Resources & Marketing Association:

Public Relations Society of America — Los Angeles Chapter:
Public Relations Society of America—Orange County Chapter:
PRSA-Young Professionals Network: Networking forum for young PR professionals with three or less years of experience. Part of PRSA.

Promax International (Promotion and Marketing Executives in Electronic Media):

Women Executives in Public Relations:


American Management Association:

American Society for Training and Development:
Los Angeles Chapter:
Orange County Chapter:

Council of Communication Management:

Institute of Management Consultants — Southern California Chapter:

International Association of Business Communicators:
Los Angeles Chapter:
Orange County Chapter:

Professional Communicators Exchange:

Sales & Marketing Executives International of Los Angeles:

Southern California Business Marketing Association:

Women in Communication:
Women in Communication, New York Chapter:

University Links

USC Links: As an alumni, I decided links to their programs should have their own page on this website. C. S. Wyatt’s University of Southern California page.


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