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We are not paid by the companies mentioned on this page. We simply wanted to create a page linking to the best writing products available. Many people think applications such as Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign are sufficient on their own. We disagree, recognizing that sometimes specialized applications are much better at specific tasks.

If a product is sold through Amazon, we receive only our normal Amazon referral fee.

Grammarian X

If you use a Macintosh, you should be using Linguisoft’s Grammarian PRO X. Until you try Grammarian, you might think the dictionaries and grammar tools within applications are all you need as writer. With OS X, you always have a dictionary, and most word processors check some grammar rules. However, nothing checks your work better than Grammarian. While Microsoft Office applications check fewer than 30 grammar rules, Grammarian analyzes more than 200! No computerized grammar tool is perfect, but you will be amazed when you try Grammarian.


Years ago, we used Grammatik for DOS and Windows. Grammatik was eventually integrated into WordPerfect. If you own a current version of WordPerfect, you have Grammatik. Because we do not use WordPerfect, we cannot fairly compare its grammar tools to Grammarian.


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Writer: C. S. Wyatt
Updated: 21-Oct-2017
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