Editing and Writing Services

Polishing your works or creating something new

Susan D. Schnelbach and Christopher Scott Wyatt offer a full range of writing and editing services for creative, non-fiction, and technical assignments. Susan is a technical writer and engineer. Scott works as a creative writer and editor.

Services Provided

Because we are full-time writers, we accept few clients at this time, usually by referral. Do not take it personally if you contact us and we must decline a freelance opportunity; we work 50 to 60 hours a week on writing projects.

Originally, we hoped Tameri Publications might publish anthologies. However, we found ourselves providing consulting services to other authors and publishers. Today, our services for select, confidential clients include:

  • Writing and Consulting;
  • Manuscript Editing; and
  • Typing and Document Formatting.

Freelance Writing Services

ServicesFrom short stories to custom Web content, consider our freelance writing service. We have written technical manuals, novel chapters, and newspaper columns.

  • Proven research abilities in a variety of fields
  • Fast turn-around to help you meet deadlines
  • Flexible billing by the hour or by the page
  • Confidential assignments accepted (ghostwriting)

Creative Writing and Editing

Scott works with creative writers and publishers. He has worked with novelists, poets, screenwriters, and playwrights. Scott writes creative non-fiction, poetry, and stage plays.

Technical Writing and Editing

We have more than 40 years of combined experience as technical writers and editors. During the late 1980s, Scott wrote and edited software manuals for the University of Southern California.

Susan's first job within the technical writing industry was laying out a college algebra solutions manual. After college, Susan worked as a technical writer for several packaging machinery companies, then went on to head the documentation department for a major manufacturer. Currently, Susan works as a technical communicator and information architect for a large sensor manufacturer.

Susan’s specialty is writing and editing for the sciences, including the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering disciplines. She can prepare “plain-language” articles for general publications or edit professional journal submissions.

Services for Writers

  • Editing according to choice of style guides
  • Revising and rewriting assistance, on a confidential basis
  • Formatting to industry standards, including ePub for e-books
  • Typing and transcription on a per-page basis

Highlights of Scott’s Qualifications

  • Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, Department of Writing Studies
  • M.A. in English Rhetoric and Composition Theory from California State University, Fresno
  • B.A. in English and Print Journalism from the University of Southern California
  • Produced playwright and member of the Dramatists Guild of America
  • Freelance newspaper and magazine columnist since 1986
  • Software documentation writer and editor since 1987
  • Freelance editor for creative writers since 1990

Highlights of Susan’s Qualifications

  • Technical WritingM.S. in Scientific and Technical Writing from the University of Minnesota
  • B.S. in Aeronautical Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Davis
  • Certified grant writer, with courses taken through California State University, Fresno
  • Member of documentation teams in the manufacturing industry from since 1997
  • Projects have ranged from agronomist soil reports to technology patent filings to operations and maintenance manuals for custom packaging machinery
  • Information architecture experience includes structured authoring, designing content for single sourcing, XML, and DITA
  • Design experience in CAD applications SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and others

We look forward to working with you!


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