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As a proud graduate of the University of Southern California, I am somewhat surprised by the lack of networking opportunities for journalism and communications graduates. Although the business graduates of USC have countless websites, and there are more Greek alumni sites than houses on The Row, I located only one site for journalism alumni — and it has gone “stale” over the years.

Christopher Scott Wyatt attended the Univerity of Southern California from August 1987 until December 1990. He graduated with degrees in journalism and English. This page is his attempt to help USC Alumni network in the proud ’SC tradition.

I hate to imagine my only chance of reconnecting with other USC alumni is when we move from one publication or media outlet to another. Worse, as a freelance editor and writer, I admit that I only see my cats some days… and they don’t always understand editing issues.

My hope is that these links help visitors reconnect to USC, other alumni, and maybe some opportunities along the way. Please let me know if there are USC groups on various social networks that should be included on this page.

— Christopher Scott Wyatt

Alumni Sites

Daily Trojan Alumni Link: ( Writes the webmaster: This site was created by Travis “Nep” Smith, pro bono, as a way to thank the newspaper that provided him with his wife, his best man, and several good friends of the kind you want on your side in a bar (trivia) fight. He’s a Web editor, a Web designer, a teacher, and a speaker on online issues.

Yahoo! Groups for USC Alumni

USC Journalism: ( Welcome to a group for past and present University of Southern California journalism students. Survivors of the Daily Trojan, KSCR and all that is USC journalism can join to share stories, locate friends, and help each other survive The Real World of journalism.

Annenberg Alumni: ( This group is for all the dear friends of USC Annenberg School of Communication’s graduate students, professors, and alumni. No matter if you are in London, Germany, Vienna, Span, Peru, China, Taiwan or Los Angeles, keep in touch and let us know how are you doing.

General USC Alumni: ( A meeting place for all USC alumni.

Click here to join USC Journalism

Official USC Campus Sites

These Web pages are official University of Southern California links.

USC Annenberg School for Communication: ( When I was at USC, the J-School was not part of Annenberg, but the Annenberg name is a wonderful asset.

USC Fashion Industry Association: (Email contact:

USC Information Systems Association: (

USC Information Systems Association, secondary site: (

USC Marshall School of Business Management Consulting Club: (

Journalism Sites

These sites are dedicated to journalism, not specifically USC.

Yahoo! Groups for Journalists

Copy Desk Café: ( Ranting, raving, resources for copy editors. Hope this club can be a place for copy editors, page designers and anyone else involved in print journalism productions to trade tips, find out about job openings, share wild stories and get to know each other.

Copy Editors: ( A place for copy editors to nitpick and complain. This group is dedicated to copy editors, those people on the front line of journalism and publishing whose job it is to get other people’s work into good enough shape that it causes as little embarrassment as possible.

Freelancers: ( Freelance journalists and writers. Mainly dedicated to the magazine markets.

Newspaper Editors: ( Welcome to the Newspaper Editors’ Group. This group was created for the soul purpose of helping fellow Journalists with their problems, questions, or concerns. Feel free to join this group is open to anyone!

J-Career: ( Journalism career leads.

Newsroom USA: ( Career leads and a weekly newsletter featuring a jobs survey for journalists.


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