Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Website Updates

Over on the Tameri Guide for Writers, Susan is currently updating the “Usage and Abusage” pages, along with the “Style” pages. As we revise these pages the content will include discussions of when various sources disagree and what our personal preferences are. The problem with any guides to language is that English changes, and even the “experts” do not agree on some choices. In many instances, words and phrases are a matter of personal style, not strict rules.

“Usage” main page: http://www.tameri.com/edit/usage.html

“Style” main page: http://www.tameri.com/edit/style.html

We don’t expect readers to agree with every entry in these documents. One thing I have come to realize is that too many grammarians and educators adhere to whatever they were taught, however long ago, and resist change. Some choices that are definitely personal preferences are almost like religious commandments to these individuals. The debates are often heated, but inconclusive.

As you read the Tameri Guide for Writers, consider following our lead and reading the sources we cite. Editors and writers should be familiar with the works of Hacker, Garner, Copperud, and Fowler, as well as “official” guides such as the AP Stylebook.

Let us know if we’re missing anything and we’ll try to research it and add it to the Tameri Guide. Thank you.