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Susan Schnelbach
I read a bit of everything, but tend to prefer fiction. I like to read mysteries, fantasy, some science-fiction, historicals, and novels. For non-fiction I like history, archaeology, and most of the sciences. Because reading most non-fiction is more time-consuming than fiction, I’ve been trying to listen to the audio versions of non-fiction. Unfortunately, there are not enough audio books on non-fiction topics available through the library.

C. Scott Wyatt:
I read a lot of non-fiction: graphic design, history, philosophy, and science. I am also passionate about writing, which includes how texts are designed for readers. The history of books is the history of technology, from papyrus scrolls to ePub data.

Some of my favorite writers:

My online profile includes more information.

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  1. Susan,
    I read your review of After Dark and enjoyed the general criticism. Although you seem to enjoy paranormal, do you have any interest in a contemporary story with the rebirth of a 20th Century ballet co., and some romance? It’s called Pearl Lover (available on Goodreads). It has a trite central idea but with an added and original twist. Thanks. Kea

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