Reading Habits

Susan and I share a habit, one I find com­mon among “read­ers” of all sort. I am read­ing three or four books, each in a dif­fer­ent loca­tion. Currently, the books I am read­ing include The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Texts on Type, God is Not One, and two Che biogra­phies (Che and Exposing the Real Che). Because these books are real­ly col­lec­tions of short essays or sto­ries, it is easy to read a chap­ter or sto­ry in a sin­gle sit­ting. I don’t know that I would read a nov­el in quite the same way. I tend to read nov­els in much larg­er chunks; it is hard for me to keep long sto­ries sort­ed in my mind.

I have been told I should read one book at a time, but that seems near­ly impos­si­ble. Does any­one insist on read­ing one book at time?

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Author: C. Scott Wyatt