Design Changes — Coming November 19, 2012

The Tameri Guide for Writers had fall­en behind the times. In Internet time, we were a gen­er­a­tion behind the lat­est design and fea­ture trends. The site had been moved to a three-col­umn “flu­id” lay­out a few years ago, accom­mo­dat­ing a vari­ety of com­put­er screen sizes from 800 to 1024 pix­els wide. Today, how­ev­er, peo­ple have huge screens on the desk­top and lit­tle screens of 320 pix­els in their pock­ets or purs­es thanks to smart­phones. The Tameri site wasn’t work­ing well for many vis­i­tors.

Writers and pub­lish­ers once could assume words would appear on a page that didn’t change from read­er to read­er. If two peo­ple pur­chased copies of a book in the same for­mat, the books were the same. Today, how­ev­er, dig­i­tal texts are unpre­dictable. My iPhone has one dis­play, my wife’s iPad has anoth­er. Plus, both devices “auto-rotate” pages depend­ing on how you hold them: por­trait or land­scape is up to the user, not the design­er.

I am now test­ing a lay­out that seems to work well on my phone, okay on a tablet, and per­fect­ly on a stan­dard screen from 1024 to 2048 pix­els wide. That’s the new design conun­drum: each lay­out has to be at least good enough, if not per­fect. I’m still design­ing with the assump­tion peo­ple will have a 1024-pix­el or wider screen, with phone and tablet access for con­ve­nience. Design is a com­pro­mise.

When we do unveil the new tem­plate, we will be con­vert­ing one page at a time. That will allow us to catch prob­lems as we update the entire site. Once we are cer­tain things are work­ing well, we will bulk con­vert the remain­ing con­tent. Expect a few glitch­es, though.

For the tech­ni­cal­ly mind­ed, the new site will be using a mix of flu­id and respon­sive grid tem­plates from Adobe Dreamweaver’s library [link] and the 1140 Grid System by Andy Taylor [link:]. Merging two basic tem­plate sets has result­ed in a bet­ter over­all design for web­site vis­i­tors.

As always, please let us know if you locate any design or con­tent errors. We are ded­i­cat­ing more time to Tameri projects in com­ing months.

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Author: Tameri

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