Existential Psychology

rediscovering free will and choice

In a classic comedy routine, Bob Newhart is an “existential therapist.” He tells each client the same thing: “Just deal with it.” When a patient is obsessive, his response is, “Stop it!” Though the humor exaggerates the notion of existentialism, the basic concept of free will is the foundation for many existential theories of psychology.

Revising Never Ends, Nor Should It…

Do not use this site as a study guide in insolation. The Existential Primer is a living academic project, unlike a static text. I revise these pages often because the scholarship never ends. Consult the citations within these pages. Read the works of many scholars! I implore you to read the original works of the thinkers profiled.

NOTE: Citations are not in MLA or APA format to prevent “borrowing” from The Existential Primer. Full lists of citations appear at the end of each page. Present tense is used when referencing a published work, while past tense is favored on these pages because the major figures are… dead. Inline citations take the form (Author p. page) with no year. A title is included if there might be confusion as to the work. Quoted long passages appear indented with the <blockquote> tag and cited in the format:

Work; Author, p. Page

Major Proponents of Existential Psychotherapy

The following thinkers are major proponents of existential psychotherapy or existential psychology in general:

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Written by C. S. Wyatt
Updated: 31-Dec-2015
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